RuneScape Auto Clicker – for PC Windows 10/7/8.1 (Official)

RuneScape auto clicker is n excellent tool for your RuneScape characters to level up, complete quests, and earn gold. Use the tool to auto-bot tasks like woodcutting, auto fighter, auto attack bot, auto mining, fishing bot, and auto alching. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about other auto clickers for games, visit Autoclicker Download

runescape auto clicker

Now, some people are worried that the auto bot will be caught by the RuneScape server. The big question is how to do RuneScape auto play undetectable? You can use different clicking intervals and then repeat the click series.

Download auto clicker

Size 3.7MB
Requirement Windows XP – 10
Last Update 30-05-2021

How to download

To download, click on the download button above. The file automatically saves your computer. Once the download is finished, open your Download folder or the folder where your downloads are set to be saved. Look for the file you just downloaded and click on it to install. 

How does it work?

The RuneScape auto clicker software records all mouse and key functions. You can repeat the said actions. The software compiles your recording into executable files that would run on other computers. the software supports hotkeys to start and stop the mouse clicking. 

What is RuneScape?

RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG that was developed by Jagex and first released in January 2001. It was originally built as a browser game but became standalone in 2016. 

The setting of RuneScape is Gielinor, a medieval realm split into various kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players may travel throughout the land through several means including by foot, use of magical spells, and charter ship. Every region has monsters, resources, and questions that players must accomplish. 

Avatars are used to represent players in the game; these avatars are customizable. Meanwhile, the storyline is not linear, in that, players set their goals and objective. They can choose to fight non-player character (NPC) monsters or complete quests or even increase experience in available skills. Players may interact through trading, chatting, or by joining mini-games and activities–some competitive, some combative, and some collaborative. 


The game starts with players positioned in a secluded area; they are led by a tutorial, a set path, to this play. That is where they learn the basic skills necessary for the game. As soon as the tutorial ends, players gain access to tutors and advisors in the towns that they explore. These tutors give players adequate about their skills. As said earlier, players are the ones to set goals and objectives as they play along. 


RuneScape has 27 skills and 17 of these skills are for free. The other 10 are for members and allow players to perform various activities like interaction with NPCs, the environment, and other players. With every skill, players gain experience points, which allows the character to level up. As their skill level increases, characters develop abilities to retrieve better raw materials, thus producing more goods. New abilities are meanwhile, rewarded as well. The player’s status in a game is determined by the total skill level and subscribers with a high total level can appear on the high scoreboard. Once a player reaches the highest available level in a skill, he or she may buy a special cape to symbolize this achievement.

Some skills allow players to collect raw materials, which could be used for the production of goods, which in turn can be traded. Other skills allow players to kill NPCs, build houses, and move around the map easily. They can even steal from NPCs, market stalls, and chests. They can also light fires, cook, and create potions, craft rhinestones or weapons, plant, hunt, raid dungeons, and summon familiars to assist in combat or training. 


The game has a semi-real-time system for combat, which is important in the game. Players can kill monsters and pick objects that these monsters drop or be marked as having completed a quest. The combat level indicates how powerful a player or NPC is in combat. 

Most weapons in the game are medieval or fantastical, featuring various strengths and weaknesses. Players may summon a familiar to assist with combat, use special abilities to deal with additional damage, or use potions to boost combativeness. 

There are three categories of combat: melee, magic, and ranged. Melee are close-range fights while magic attacks use runestones for casting spells; the ranged attacks use projectile weapons. These three types make up the “Combat Triangle”, which reflects the effectiveness of styles. Take note that melee beats ranged, which beats magic, which then beats melee. Each style is neutral to itself. 

Meanwhile, every combatant has a maximum life point and would die when the health is depleted. Lost life points are recovered by consuming specific food or drinks or through casting abilities. Dead players reappear at what is called a “respawn point” of their choice. At this point, their life and skills are restored, but they drop all except for three selected items. When a player dies, a gravestone appears and it holds all of the player’s items. The gravestone is only there for a specific period. Nevertheless, there are cases when all items are lost upon the player’s death. Also, if the player does not return as soon as possible, the grave would and all items are lost. 

Player versus player combat

Players can choose to fight each other or fight an NPC. The fight between players takes place in the “Wilderness” where players must have combat levels fall within a certain range of each other to fight. If a player kills an opponent, he will claim that the opponent’s items as a reward.

Non-player interaction

NPCs are rampant in Gielinor. Some are unavailable for combat, but most can be attacked–they are the monsters. There are low-level monsters to the more powerful ones. Each monster has a strength and weakness, but bosses are exempted as they have no specific weaknesses. There are also aggressive and non-aggressive monsters. The latter ignore players unless attacked, while the latter attacks players. Hence, some areas throughout Gielinor could be dangerous or inconvenient. 

Player interaction

Players interact through trading, chatting, or by joining mini-games and activities. They can trade items and gold coins either through face-to-face or by using an automated marketplace–the Grand Exchange. The chat system allows players to communicate with each other. 

  • Public Chat broadcasts text to players on one server appearing as above the speaker’s head and in a message box. 
  • Friends Chat shows text in a message box only to the specific recipients on a specific channel. Every Friends Chat channel has an owner. He or she assigns different ranks to each player. The ranks dictate players’ ability to perform administrative tasks on the channel. 
  • Clan Chat allows members of a clan to interact through a separate channel.
  • Quick Chat lets players choose from a list of predetermined messages to send as Public Chat, Clan Chat, or Friends Chat.


A series of tasks in the storyline is called a Quest, and players may choose to complete these. There are requirements like minimum levels of skills, combat levels, quest points or prerequisite quests. There are different rewards for the completion of quests. Rewards could be in the form of money, unique items, access to new areas, quest points or increased skill experience. Some quests are cooperative while others are combative. Quests are categorized per requirements and difficulty. If a player completes all quests, he or she will receive the “Quest Point Cape.” 

First of all, you need some tools. For the RuneScape auto clicker, you can download this auto clicker program. For the RuneScape auto typer, you can download this auto typer program.


How do I download RuneScape auto clicker?

To download, go to RuneScape auto clicker on Autoclicker Download. Click on the download button above. The file automatically saves your computer. Once the download is finished, open your Download folder or the folder where your downloads are set to be saved. Look for the file you just downloaded and click on it to install. 

How do I use the RuneScape auto clicker?

Like other mouse clickers, Free Auto Clicker identify clicks using x and y coordinates that are set by the user. It maps the screen based on such coordinates to make sure it clicks precisely where the user wants it to be clicking.

Is auto clicker still available for RuneScape?

Yes, but you must use it sparingly or at changing intervals or it could be detected and you could be banned from the game. 

Is auto clicker safe?

Yes, it does not come with malware or adware when you download it.

Is auto clicker legal?

No, that’s why when sites detect auto clickers, they disable it. The same with games. 

Can you get banned in games if you use an auto clicker?

Yes, you could get banned when you use auto clickers in games. If you want to use it, just set if for an hour max. This way, you won’t easily get detected. 

What do auto clickers do?

Auto clickers are software or macros used to automate clicking. They could be triggered to generate pre-recorded inputs or various current settings. It is a simple program that simulates mouse clicking so you can do away with the repetitive task of clicking your mouse.


Playing RuneScape is fun, but only until your fingers can keep clicking the mouse. Once your hands get tired, you have no choice but to stop, but if you do, then your character pauses its level up as well. To continue, use an auto clicker, but just be careful not to abuse it or you’ll be banned.

Let me know what you think about the RuneScape auto clicker. Drop a message or a question in the box below. 

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