7 Best Game Auto Clickers in 2021 (Windows, Android & Mac)

Yes, there is nothing more annoying and boring that repetitive clicking of a mouse, no matter how exciting the game you are playing is. Unfortunately, many games require such a task. What best way to solve your problem but to use an auto clicker. Here, I give you the 7 best FREE auto clicker for games, but before we proceed, I’d like to invite you to visit our site where you’ll find more about auto clickers.

If you’re a gamer, you know how tiring it is to keep clicking your mouse just to get so many items and to level up your character. You not only risk your mouse of getting busted easily, but you also risk your health since you stay so long in front of your computer just to accomplish the tasks you need–you risk eyesight and hand or wrist problems.

To save you and your mouse, it would be best to use auto clickers. There are so many auto clickers out there, and it’s quite taxing to check and test each one of them. Also, some could be costly. If you’re tight on the budget, I’ve gathered some of the best free auto clickers that you could use for your games plus downloads for your ease. Now, let’s start our journey into auto clickers!

Free Auto Clicker

First os the list is Free Auto Clicker, and as the name implies, it is FREE! Now, just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s mediocre. In fact, it is far from being one. Free Auto Clicker allows you to program your desired clicking action and make it automatic. You simply record your screen and identify click coordinates so that the software can replicate them accurately; yes, Free Auto Clicker is accurate! 

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Here’s a brief list of the features of Free Auto Clicker. Check it out and compare it with others on the list. 

  • It’s free! No need for membership or registration, and there’s no in-app purchase of any sort. You can have it for a lifetime and still, you don’t have any financial commitment 
  • It does not come with malware or adware, so it is 100% safe 
  • Select the interval time between clicks, so clicks could be in quick or prolonged intervals however you want it 
  • You have two options of how you want the software to stop: 
  • set after a pre-set number of clicks
  • set how many minutes before you want the software to stop. 
  • You must select the exact points on the screen where you want clicks to take place. You can save the location for future use.
  • You can set hotkeys for a quick start, pausing, and even deleting. 
  • Use on any website or game
  • Run window of software on top of the app that you are to use or the website you are to visit 

Auto Click Typer

Another excellent auto clicker would be Auto Click Typer. You can set the auto click action by writing a specific code that it will follow. Plus, this software is not only for automating mouse clicks; you can also automate specific keyboard clicks that you want to be performed for you. It can even type text on your behalf. Now, isn’t that just awesome!


  • Performs keyboard clicks
  • Customizable
  • Free!


  • appears in screen castings
  • you need to memorize hotkey sequences

Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software

Another must-try auto clicker is Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software. It has a free and a premium version. The free version lets you perform a limited number of actions that you may repeat for a specific time limit. You can hit a specific key to run the coordinate tool that will let the program record a specific area where the click will happen. Once the specifics of the click are all set, the software takes over. 


  • very easy to use
  • there’s a free version


  • the free version has limited separate actions 

Perfect Automation

This free auto clicker software works like other auto clickers in our list. With Perfect Automation, you can record specific clicks and schedule them to take place at a specific number of times. It can replicate specific computer actions. This is your best option if you wish to automate operations as a whole and not just on a specific application or website.


  • free
  • automate different features


  • not very user-friendly 

GS Auto Clicker

This auto clicker software could be considered a much simpler clicker compared to others on the list. It allows you to automate clicking by setting up hotkey sequences that help the program open and do the tasks you want to be done. It is very straightforward, so it’s easy to figure out. For a no-fuss auto clicker experience, this is the one.


  • very straightforward
  • freeFree


  • limited features 


This one, though free, still lets you do a wide range of various actions, and it is not just an auto clicker, you can also use it to sed messages like texts, e-mails, and newsletters. For ease of use, you can set up shortcuts that let you further automate the clicking. This software comes in a free and a premium version.


  • very easy to use
  • with free version 


  • there’s a limit to what the free version can do

Free Mouse Clicker

This one is a fund software that has a cute mouse on its interface. Don’t let this mouse fool you, though. Just because it’s cute, doesn’t mean it cannot do the required job. Like all other auto clickers, you can set clicks to happen at a specific interval, and you can program both the right and left clicks, depending on what you need. 


  • Free
  • very easy to use


  • Can’t schedule clicks


How does auto clickers work? 

Auto clickers identify clicks using x and y coordinates that are set by the user, mapping the screen based on said coordinates to make sure clicks are precise and right where the user wants it to be clicking.

What is an auto clicker?

Auto clickers are software that automatically simulates both mouse clicks within any online window. They free you from the repetitive task of clicking a mouse. 

Is auto clicker safe?

Yes, it does not come with malware or adware when you download it.

Is auto clicker legal?

No, that’s why when sites detect auto clickers, they disable it. The same with games. 

Can you get banned in games if you use an auto clicker?

Yes, you could get banned when you use auto clickers in games. If you want to use it, just set if for an hour max. This way, you won’t easily get detected. 

What do auto clickers do?

Auto clickers are programs used to automate clicking. They generate pre-recorded inputs or various current settings and perform necessary clicks. 


I hope my list helps you decide on which auto clicker first your gaming needs best. Of course, the important thing is you keep your eyes and hands healthy. Choose your auto clicker now and free your hands so that you can do other more important things while staying on top of your game.

Let me know what you think about auto clickers by leaving a message in the box below. If you have questions, just do the same–leave me a message. 

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