About Us

Auto clickers or are tools that can simulate mouse clicks within any online window. Using this program, you can do any other things if you are a multi-tasker person. Usually, auto clickers function when you set intervals of clicks (how many clicks and to which point within your screen it will click). It depends on the intervals you have set whether your computer will shut down after certain number of clicks.

About the Website

Many people are looking for ways on how they can utilize everything within a given period of time. If you happened to experience using auto-clickers, then you should know what we are talking about. This is something that every busy people must have, those who spend their time in front of their PCs most of the day.

One thing that this program would be helpful is when you are a gamer. I remember when I tried to play a game like Mobile Legends and something urgent came up. I had no choice but to exit the game since I can still be given an AFK notice due to inactivity. That was the time when I realized auto-clickers are mostly useful for gaming. If you care about your credit score on the game you are playing, then this tool would help you maintain it.

That is the reason why we made an effort to create this website; to help the gamer and people who are looking for apps like auto-clickers. If you are thinking about the fees you may be paying, don’t worry, it’s on us. All the apps we provided here are free to download. All you need to do is to browse the site and find what you need, then, you can have it right away.

If you find any difficulty downloading the app, or you need assistance, please contact us. We are very willing to help you. Thanks and enjoy!